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Customer Remarks

Sometimes the best way to judge the quality of a product or service is to hear what others have to say about it. Below you'll find some of our customer's remarks about our food and our service.

I have been a customer for a year and a half. In June of 2008 I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized breast cancer and received chemotherapy for 15 weeks. The chemo had a negative affect on my appetite and I did not enjoy food very much. I was able to tolerate meat only in very small quantities. I more or less counted on the burger patties from Blue Ribbon Foods as a regular source of protein, even if one patty would take me two days to eat!

We then went over to a friend's house for a cookout and they served hamburger from a local grocery store. I noticed that it didn't seem to taste as good as I thought it should but I chalked that up to my chemo. Within an hour, I was physically ill. This was a pattern that was repeated throughout the entire course of my treatment. If I ate at home, with meals prepared from Blue Ribbon Foods, I was able to tolerate it, and even occasionally enjoy it (when I was able to taste, that is!). Whenever I ate outside the house, I simply could not tolerate it, whether it was beef, pork, fish or chicken.

Even now that I am in remission and actually enjoying the taste of food again, I find that purchasing meat from a grocery store is a waste of money and time. It does not taste anywhere near as good as what we get from Blue Ribbon Foods and usually within an hour I find that I am physically sick to my stomach. When I find my freezer getting a little low, I will prepare vegetarian meals until we get our delivery rather then go to the local grocery stores. If our meat does not come from Blue Ribbon Foods, I simply can't eat it. I am so thankful I found you! Blue Ribbon Foods is WONDERFUL."

Carole Mitchell
Winston-Salem, NC

We love your food. Warren and our driver are great, as always!
Dennis & Pam Ard
Woodstock, GA

Our son has many severe food allergies as well as severe eczema. Before we joined with Blue Ribbon Foods, he was having random allergic reactions a few times a week. We were unable to find the source of these reactions. Now that we have completely switched over to Blue Ribbon Foods' meats our son's random allergic reactions have been drastically reduced. We are so glad we made the decision to order with Blue Ribbon Foods! Thank goodness you take the time to ensure that your food meets a higher standard.
John & Angelique Ellison
Kennesaw, Ga.

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for helping me with my order. My husband and I are very impressed with the food quality. You were right - you actually do get your money's worth, that is for sure. We have really been enjoying the quality of meat and vegetables.... so much better than the grocery store's variety. I am thoroughly impressed and can't wait for my next order. Again, thank you for all your help!
Liz Phillips,
Sandia, Texas

Blue Ribbon Foods has changed how we live and improved my family's health. I never realized how much of a difference it would make to eat fresh, unaltered foods! Two of my family members have trouble maintaining a proper hormone balance, but after a month of Blue Ribbon Foods' meats, those hormone levels became easier to maintain and the doctor even saw the impact in our test results.

Without the addition of antibiotics and hormones in the foods our bodies were able to strike a more natural balance and keep us on an even keel. Perhaps that is due to the healthier meats from Blue Ribbon Foods, or maybe it is due to the fact that we eat home more and love the taste of the food better. Whatever the reason, please keep it up! Each and every time we go to a pot luck among our friends, they ask me to bring the main course - Blue Ribbon Foods!
With laughter,

As a chiropractor and health/wellness coach, I firmly believe that food plays a major role in our health. For this reason, I not only am a Blue Ribbon Foods customer, I highly recommend it to everyone within my practice.

The meat portion of our diet is an area where toxins can hide very easily. With Blue Ribbon Foods our patients are guaranteed food that is free from hormones and pesticides. No hidden toxins - far and above what retail providers can claim. Our patients have consistently remarked on the flavor, and moreover the peace of mind in knowing they're eating quality meats.

The idea of the costs associated with buying organic food and meat is daunting for some, but Blue Ribbon Foods makes it easy and affordable. My family and I will continue to eat Blue Ribbon Foods and I will recommend it within my practice.

Yours in health,
Ken Kilgore, DC
Health Solutions, Premiere Family Chiropractic
Woodstock, GA

I want to commend Blue Ribbon Foods for providing some of the highest quality foods and meals. As a Chiropractic Sports Physician, Nutritionist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I have been a long time proponent of range fed beef and recommend it constantly to my patients and listeners.

The fact that consumers can have access to foods that are hormone and antibiotic free is a great plus for anyone who is concerned about their health. The combination of foods and meals you provide allows everyone to get a complete and balanced meal to complement any health goals they are searching for.

Your food selections allow for some very nice customized programs, including a very effective weight loss regimen. I wish you the very best in spreading improved health!

In Good Health,
Len Lopez

I was drawn to Blue Ribbon Foods because lean protein is such an important part of a healthy diet. Blue Ribbon Foods meats and vegetables are nutritionally superior to mainstream foods. In fact, it is what I serve my family at home. It's for this reason that I recommend my clients try Blue Ribbon Foods. Many of them have taken advantage of the service, and have thanked me for it.
Dana Yarn, RDLD
Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Coach
Sugarloaf, GA

To get the best results I have always put my clients on an all natural diet. They have had trouble in the past finding the correct portions. Now with the Blue Ribbon Foods it's easy.
Ken Wilcox, NASM, ACE
Personal Trainer, Alpharetta, GA

I have been with Blue Ribbon Foods for over six months and the service and quality of the food is incredible! The individual servings make it easier for me to control my portions and the food is extremely lean and fresh. I have been a competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer for years and this service makes it easier for you to be "good" on your meal plan. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!
Herb Cables III
Regional Training Specialist - GA
BSC, Human Performance, NASM-CPT

Dear Chef Mike,

Your tomato sauce family recipe you printed in your last month's newsletter was fantastic. I am known as the spaghetti sauce queen around this house. Now I have a new and favorite one! With your lean ground beef it was especially delicious. Thanks!
Dottie Mooney
Franklin, TN

I have been a Blue Ribbon Foods customer for four years and I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality, chemical free nature, and service provided. I have recommended the company to many of my patients. Most importantly, when I get a patient to eat healthier and eliminate toxins from their diet, my treatments provide improved results. I strongly recommend this service to anyone who wants to improve their diet and their health.
Mark DeBrincat, DC
Marble Hill, GA

My wife and I had been loyal customers for over four years now and have even referred several people to your products (like Chad Christy). We came to Blue Ribbon Foods because we believe in a healthy, vibrant lifestyle and promote that with our own nutritional products daily. We believe in what you do at Blue Ribbon Foods.

However, with the crashing economy and unstable automobile industry (my primary career), we thought we would not be able to re-order and attempted to go back to the supermarket during the first part of the year. After about two weeks of not being able to find what we wanted, having to pay just as much or more (not to mention the additional trips to the store), my wife said 'this is crazy!' and called up the timely Blue Ribbon Foods representative, who had us back in stock up in about a week. I just want to thank you and your team for always providing us with HIGH QUALITY AND CONVENIENCE AT A GREAT PRICE. By the way, the flank steak is our new favorite! Take care and thanks again.
Mike Edwards
White Bluff, TN

I ran out of Blue Ribbon Foods' chicken and purchased some at my local grocery store. The difference in quality was startling. I couldn't wait for my next order to arrive."
Pat and Kathy Ward
Eastman, GA

Just a quick note to compliment you on the incredible service you and your company are providing. Your natural preservation technique to maintain the high quality of the nutritional value of your products goes beyond FDA requirements and the expectations of most consumers. Having worked in the health industry for over 30 years, most of those in primary care, I cannot emphasize enough to my patients the value of eating high quality foods with all the supplied nutrients available at the time of consumption. Blue Ribbon Foods is dedicated to that concept. Your approach to the provision of quality foods at a reasonable fee for the 'on the go' family provides rapid preparation with enhanced nutritional value. I commend you and encourage you to keep up the good work.

Respectfully Yours,
David C. Baugher, D.C. DABCO
Chiropractic Orthopedist, DeSoto Wellness and Rehab Center

Dear Chef Mike,

I had a family cookout yesterday, a treat to my oldest son as he left this morning to head off to school. The steaks I received from Blue Ribbon Foods were absolutely the most tender, juiciest cuts that I have ever eaten. WOW! My entire family could not get enough. I just wanted you to know after all these years I don't know why I didn't start ordering sooner. Thank you for a wonderful product. I know I am not the newest customer, but I am certainly the happiest and most satisfied. Thanks for everything!
Hank Kekoolani

It is always a pleasure doing business with such friendly, knowledgeable people.
Amy Schwartz
Sevierville, TN

This is just a short note to thank you and your company for standing behind you program the way you said you would if a problem occurred. My wife and I were out of the country adopting our son. We were gone for about twelve days. There had apparently been some type of storm that caused a loss of power to the freezer that our food was kept in. When we returned home it was obvious by the smell in the garage that something had happened.

As it turned out, we were not home for very long as we turned around and made another trip that kept us away from home for another ten days. When we returned I thought I would call you not knowing if you would be able to help us out or not. I was pleasantly surprised that you informed us that the package we bought included a safeguard against just this type of occurrence. In about a week we had a full replacement of every item (which was about one half of the original order) that was lost in the freezer.

I thank you and your company, as does my entire family - new addition and all.

Thomas Cagna
Brentwood, TN

We were delighted to receive our delivery of food. So far we have enjoyed a sampling of all the beef, chicken and fish plus some vegetables and that incredible Tiramisu cheesecake - yummy.

One of our most delightful surprises was Bob DeGraf. He delivered our order and stocked it in our freezer. He explained in detail how the freezer works and how to clean it. He included many tips and suggestions on how it could be used to its maximum. As he removed our order from the boxes and placed them in the freezer he showed me a sample from each category and even added tips on preparation. He seemed VERY knowledgeable on all of your products. He was friendly (even with my barking dog) and was at all times respectful. His enthusiasm for all your products was very evident. He wasted no time in completing the delivery but at the same time made it a most enjoyable experience for me. Your company has been blessed with a wonderful employee.

Thanks so much for your service,
Barb Hunt

11 orders and still going!
Joe Robinson
Hermitage, TN

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